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Sealy Crown Jewel

Sealy Crown Jewel

If you are interested in a mattress that accentuates the art of sleep the Sealy Crown Jewel is perfect for you. It has a modern design which can be felt as soon as you rest your head. Every stitching has been implemented to offer the best amount of breathing room.

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You are guaranteed comfort with a warm embrace during the winter and a cool surface during the summer. On top of this, the luxurious design boasts materials with impeccable craftsmanship that leaves a lasting impression.

The angles of the Sealy Crown Jewel are made to enhance your space while improving the quality of your sleep instantly. This will assure that you wake up with enough energy to take on the day.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the mattress is adored by all. However, to truly appreciate what the bed has in store you have to have a lay down and close your eyes. We can’t guarantee that you’ll want to get out of bed but we can guarantee that your sleep cycle will improve.

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Those who have used the Sealy Crown Jewel know that it is a bed that lasts. The surface holds well offering many years of comfortable sleep.

Many experts refer to the mattress as the leading edge of luxury. With engineers using several different innovations, you can see why.

The product uses climate control and protection cover, which grants that comfortable sleeping environment. Your mattress will always be cool to the touch and will stay this way night in and night out.

The woollen material of the Sealy Crown Jewel you will stay dry and relaxed with a regulated temperature. It does not absorb allergens in the air and as such will provide a healthy space for you to sleep in.

With a choice of either the orthopedically designed DSX spring system that offers correct back support, or the body sense pocket system with coils that will isolate your motion –  this means that each spring in the system responds to your body movement so that it can effectively support you.

With a whole host of other interesting and innovative features, get ready to relax and rest in your new Sealy Crown Jewel.

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