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Sealy La-difference

Sealy La-difference

Our range of Sealy La-difference beds ensures quality sleep every night. It uses technology that has been engineered to hold its shape while offering comfort and support. You are guaranteed a product that is astonishing on the outside and superb on the inside.

A luxury bed like no other, the range will provide an experience fit for a king and queen. The rich nature offers you exactly what you need to receive the essential sleep required for success.

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More about Sealy La-difference

Sealy La-difference awards that finishing touch to your space. The design contributes aesthetic appeal and once you lay your head down, you’ll realise exactly what you’ve been missing out on.

Start your journey to a life where you can unwind and relax with your new bed which includes advanced technology.

The surface of the mattress has been stitched together to submit the right amount of firmness for your body. It is breathable and will keep you warm in the winter and cool during the summer.

The team of Sealy experts have worked tirelessly to provide the next stage of evolution in mattress design. They have been able to design a bed which is not only able to provide you rest but a whole lot more.

This includes the Dermatex fabric which offers probiotic technology. This helps to protect, regenerate and nourish your skin overnight. The Sealy La-difference brand is a bed which sets you up for a healthy lifestyle.

You are guaranteed a better sleep cycle and skin which looks bright and feels smooth.

The mattress also utilises wool which can displace body weight, while supporting you throughout the night.

Pressure point areas or areas of discomfort will be alleviated when using this bed,  with the amazing technology available.

Allow our team to provide you with the next step in bedding.

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