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Ultra Plush

The Mattress Gallery is proud to offer our range of Sealy Ultra Plush mattresses and bed sets.Designed with a perfect night’s sleep in mind and backed by decades of research and development, the Jolene Ultra Plush and Ritz Ultra Plush collections guarantee lasting support, comfort and undisturbed rest.

Wake up refreshed and revitalised every day thanks to the latest in sleep technology with the Sealy Ultra Plush range.

Features & Benefits

The Sealy Ultra Plus range combines technology with comfort and style to flatter sleep, comfort, health, and support.

Here are some of the core features behind this range:

Climate Control & Breathability

Promote a healthy sleeping environment with cover fabric that uses effective, cool-to-the-touch technology.

Allergen Protec ™

Technology-driven protection against common allergens found in mattresses, such as dust mites. This ensures that your mattress stays fresh and secures the protection of your well-being.

Moisture Protect ™

The cover fabric in the mattress is designed to draw moisture away from your body during the night, helping to maintain a more comfortable sleeping condition.

Wool Filling

With a natural ability to retain warmth and coolness, pure wool is woven into Sealy Ultra Plush mattresses to ensure a relaxed, dry, and comfortable night’s sleep, no matter the temperature.

Zone Support

High-density foam centres in these mattresses provide the ultimate in full-body support in the centre third of the mattress. This reduces body impressions and provides additional support to the lower back, which allows muscles to relax and recover.

Pressure Relieving Foams

Supple and durable, the contouring of the Coolsmart ™ gel memory foam layer, combined with the resistant latex layer, provides indulgent, restful sleep.

Duraflex ™ Foam Encased Edge Support

A high-density foam encased border surrounds and supports the edge of the spring system. This provides increased stability and creates a greater usable bed area with refined durability.

Contact the Mattress Gallery for Details

If you would like to know more about our offers on the Sealy Ultra Plush range, be sure to get into contact with a representative from the Mattress Gallery today. If you would like to know more about our other offers on mattresses and bed sets, feel free to continue browsing through our website for details.